One-Man Swat Team
A Good Paddling Can Be Highly Entertaining

For "Bouncin' Dan the Paddleball Man," getting a little rubber ball to bonk off of a wooden paddle is no transient puerile fancy. It's an identity.

Artistic License

For a small fee, artists will nail your salient features for better or worse, but always in a spirit of fun.

The Fundamentals of Laughter
Muslim comic is on a humor pilgrimage

Preacher Moss would be the first to agree that some might view Muslim comedy as an oxymoron.

The Ones Who Got Away

It's no crime to give the Nobel Prize to the wrong person.

The Borrowers Downtown

The Los Angeles Times checks out folks patronizing the Central Library downtown.

The Godzilla-Sized Appeal of Japan's Pop Culture

"Comic books" doesn't adequately describe the mass appeal of full-length black-and-white graphic novels spanning every genre from hard-boiled action-adventure sagas to sci-fi and fantasy.

A Place in the Sun

Cathy "Cat" Hulbert logged 50 trespassing arrests in Atlantic City while part of a card-counting team of blackjack players.

Celebrity Buzz for Marijuana

The job's implied mix of pot and paparazzi sounds glamorous, but the Marijuana Policy Project quickly bursts the illusion that the job will go to some slacker who wants to get high and listen to Bob Marley.

Stranger Than Paradise

The true odyssey of the elegant old Chateau Elysee building is as weird as the mythology.

The Needle and the Damage Done

Dr. TATTOFF estimates that regret afflicts 50% of all human canvases and often receives "morning after" calls from the anxious parents of tattooed teenagers.

The Pokey as Hub of Culture

The thick iron bars on the windows can't hide the building's film noir elegance.

Making History, Again

I think people will understand that the black community of America did an extraordinary job at great risk.

Straight Talk Out of Compton

You wouldn't know it from rap lyrics, but for many African Americans in the 1950s, a South-Central Los Angeles enclave such as Compton was a city of dreams.

In Praise of Prestidigitation

The celebrated Magic Castle in Hollywood is home to the Academy of Magical Arts and features magicians who perform nightly in various showrooms throughout the haunted Victorian mansion.

You're Never Too Antique for Playtime

Preservation Isn't Napping in Highland Park

Plenty of Trunk Space 

When Gregory Beylerian's uncle gave him a 1968 Volvo four years ago, he initially dreamed of turning it into a race car. His life has been a circus ever since.

Double-Teaming the Internet

The ever-present Olsen sisters aren't the only twins in demand in Hollywood.