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What is your name? ML
favefood=salad, okra, vegetables
favecolor= blue
I was born while my Dad was in the military so we did some traveling and my upbringing was really structured. I had to polish my shoes every Saturday night for church on Sunday. I always had chores to do and I respected my parents. They were strong when it came to discipline but I always knew that they loved me and wanted me to do the best I could do, and be the best that I could be.

I have played drums since eight years of age, and I have always loved to work with cars, so I play drums and build custom cars for a living. I think you should always try to do something that you love if you have to make a living.

I believe in God, and that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ, the savior of the world, so I guess you can call me a Christian. I try to follow his teachings. It is difficult in this world because so much is contrary to what society thinks is right  or good, but I think it is so important to know what you believe, and why you believe it, and remember that every day in all situations you encounter.

I was born in Spokane, WA and spent the first ten years of my life there. Then we moved to Seattle where I lived until I moved to Los Angeles. I have lived in Los Angeles since 1985. I made my living as a traveling musician.

What is your name? MM
What is your favorite food? French Fries
What is your favorite color? Blue
My story begins in the mountains of Germany on a dark and stormy night. A little band of gypsies huddled around a campfire. One of them stood up and said, "Tom, tell us a story." Tom began, "Somewhere, far, far away, there is a city to the west. There are people there who drive big, expensive cars and eat exotic food at fancy restaurants. There are also people in this city who can't afford cars and can barely find enough food to stay alive. This city has big modern office buildings, the finest sports arenas and giant mansions. There are also people who live under freeways without heat in the winter. When you visit this city you can see people intoxicated by their great wealth, people with hatred in their eyes, and people confused by the traffic and pollution. But you can also see children playing games, people from all races and religions helping one another, and people with hope in their eyes. It is a city like no other city in world.

Yes, this city will continue to thrive but only through hope, love and education.  The children of this city are, indeed, the hope."

With that, Tom pulled a blanket over him and he and the other gypsies retired for the night looking forward to the next day ahead.

Well that's my story. It's not about me, but it is about the place I live. Do you know the name of this city?

Let me know.

What is your name? JC
What is your favorite food? Chocolate covered strawberries
What is your favorite color? Red
My story...well, I was born in Pasadena, California and raised in San Clemente (the real OC, and famous for the Western White House, home of President Richard Nixon). My days were spent fishing at the pier, bodysurfing, building bonfires, skateboarding and going to school. Life was much more innocent then. Kids were truly able to be kids.

I was always interested in the arts from a very early age. My father's mother was a nightclub singer and my mother's mother was an interior designer. Creativity flowed through my house. As a kid, I played the violin and the french horn. I was also in choir from 1st grade through 8th grade. In junior high school, my choir performed and competed all over southern California. Writing was also my other main interest. I was on every school newspaper from elementary through high school. Luckily, I found many different ways to express myself and explore my creativity.

When I was in 10th grade, I went to my first Angels baseball game and found what I thought was my true calling in life. I was a high school athlete and I wanted to combine my love for sports with my love for performing. Aha! A female sportscaster! Wow! You don't see that on television every day.

From that day on, that's all I ever wanted to do. I studied every sport imaginable. I could hold intelligent conversations with the guys: Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Wilt Chamberlain, Arthur Ashe, Gordie Howe.

I went to college and found that what I truly loved to do was be behind the scenes. I loved creating the program that goes on the air - from hatching the idea, to storyboards, running the camera, writing the script and editing. Putting that final product on the air for everyone to see was my real calling.

But I quickly took a different path. I married, had children and spent most of my time raising a family, my heart aching all the while for the dreams I had left behind.

I was given a second chance much later in life, a chance to follow that dream. I knew someone in the industry and asked him if there was something I could do. He extended his hand and that led me to where I am today. I've had many teachers along the way. Even now there are people helping me and guiding me on this journey. I wake up every day and thank the universe for all it has given me. There are times that I can't believe I'm working in the television industry. I still get excited when I see my name in the credits.

I'm still trying to figure out this thing called "life".  I learned that there are second chances. It's what you do with them that makes all the difference.

What is your name? DF
What is your favorite food? SUSHI
What is your favorite color? blue

When you are present in every moment you can identify with motion and emotion. I've been a massage therapist for five years. I was professionally trained in Swedish-style therapeutic massage.

Acupressure and Meridian Flow is the current flavor of my work. As a massage therapist, I strive to be 100 percent present while I work with my clients. I work to connect with their energy and hold the space open for their energy to flow. If you can be fully present in your life you are living life with all the fullness it has to offer. It is like the Sufi Dance of the Four Winds. Only those who do not hear the music think the dancers are mad. Listen to what your friends think is "cool" but decide for yourself.


Her philosophy is that a smile, speaking a bit of the local language, and observing local customs go a long way toward making friends and creating goodwill.

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What is your name? SS
Favefood = sushi
Favecolor = black (i know it's not a color)

I came from my mom's womb, in a hospital in Chicago, near where I grew up in Skokie, Illinois. But I longed to experience life away from the suburbs and shopping malls. So I went away to college in Wyoming, halfway across the country, in the Rocky Mountains. I learned to love the fresh air, wide open spaces, big, blue skies and zillions of stars at night because there weren't many streetlights to dim their twinkling. I also learned to camp and hike and pee in the woods, which is my very favorite thing to do. I began traveling when I finished school, first Europe then more exotic places. I became interested in different cultures and traditions. I want to see the world before globalization reaches the most remote places. Believe it or not, I have met people who've never heard of Nike or KFC. I've been to places where parents still arrange marriages for their children; where women walk five miles each day to get water from a well; where people don't have enough money to buy shoes; where children still respect their elders; where a chicken dinner doesn't come in a package from the supermarket.

After all I've seen, I'm thankful to have been born in a country where anything is possible if we work hard. I've met many people around the world who are not so fortunate. They don't have choices and they don't have the opportunity for education.

So I guess this is only a little about where I came from and more about where I've been and what I've seen. Thanks for letting me share my experience.

What is your name? TC
favefood=Chicken, greens, mac and cheese

Hi. My name is T and I am a musician and songwriter. I'm the oldest of seven and grew up without a father so I have been helping out the family from age 13. I have traveled all over the world playing and writing music. I love children. We have three of our own. I also help out my mother and grandmother whenever I can. I love my family and my work so much. It is very healthy for your spirit to be able to do what you love and get paid for it. I do believe in God and so does my family.
TC over and out for now.
Bless You!

What is your favorite food? Good!!
What is your favorite color? Blue and Purple

Technically, I am the only offspring of my mother and father but I have six siblings. My father's name was the same as mine so my parents used my middle name so as not to confuse the situation. After eleven months with me in tow, my parents split up and I was raised by my mother and other family members.

My mother was a bartender. When I was with her, many times it would be at the bar. She was a good woman. She's gone now, too. Around the age of seven or eight, I was often alone to fend for myself. Most kids from urban neighborhoods were latchkey kids. That's life. When my brothers were around to keep an eye on me, they wanted to make me tough. The best way they knew to do that was to body-box with me. That means no punching to the face. My brothers were eight and eleven years my senior. I had to fight and suffer with black and blue bruises on my chest, arms, back and legs for roughly ten years. That was from age four to fourteen. I thought that it was normal until I was fifteen. I am lucky to have survived that. I could have repeated the violence on someone else. The trick for me was learning that someone else's problems don't have to be my problems.

I did have friends that I hung out with. In the sixties and seventies there was less trouble to get into. There was trouble, but less of it. It's good to have friends that have your back. I don't mean just when there is a fight going on. I mean that they can steer you away from doing something that can wreck your life. Remember, good friends will be honest with you. I try to remember that every day.

I also found that music was the thing that kept me out of the streets. Music became my sanctuary. It has been my parent, sibling, teacher and friend for over thirty-five years. Music called me to it but I still had to search it out.

A great mentor once said to me, “When you're on the bandstand, nobody can bring you down because you're doing something that you love." Find something that you love, something within you. Nobody can take that away from you.

Remember something that another friend always says: "Love yourself, dig yourself!"