eye spy is a course for teenaged children of families affected by substance abuse. It is an afterschool program offered Monday through Thursday starting Sept. 13. The hours are 400 pm to 800 pm. This course is offered at our Digital Media Room in South LA only. The Digital Media Room is at 8701 S. Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles.

Every day includes a hot meal that you serve and enjoy. You never know who will be sitting next to you at the dinner table.

You will get real help with your schoolwork. College counseling begins in ninth grade. We'll help you identify and explore your goals. You will be introduced to the new SAT.

This term, EYE SPY gives students a chance to concentrate on imagery through reading, writing and digital photography. Topics to be explored include neighborhoods, parenting, family, money, religion and life.

You will continue to contribute to our e-zine, available at

eye spy
Sept. 13 to Dec. 9
Monday to Thursday
4 pm to 8 pm

Can't make this? Check out group.
Monday nights at 8.