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Currently, consumers' diet trends are shifting towards a greater concern for health benefits. It is not surprising that there has been much interest in fish, as fish meat has a low fat content and a high nutritional value. Very easily digested, it enhances the body's absorption of nutrients and thus facilitates the body's natural ability to strengthen and repair its damages. Fish meat also nourishes the immune system and is an excellent source of energy.

The tabtim fish provides high quality, delicious, and low cholesterol meat. It contains unsaturated fat, which helps reduce the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart diseases such as high blood pressure.

Other than its high nutritional value, the versatile tabtim fish is suitable for such a wide variety of dishes: it is delicious steamed in soy sauce, curried, or fried with assorted vegetables and spices. These selected recipes will surely satisfy the fine tastes of food connoisseurs.