Or So I Thought
by Stephannie Herrera

It's funny how people from the same family can fight with one another. If you stop to think about it, it's ridiculous. And that is why this story is just totally ridiculous.

One day I woke up and it was a perfect day, or so I thought. My aunt woke up and we decided to go for a walk around the lake. My aunt, my uncle, my grandma, a friend, and my three cousins were there. So we’re strolling along and after one walk around the lake, my cousins and I got tired. That’s when we decided to go to the swings and just hang out and wait for my aunt and the others to finish their second walk around the lake.

Soon after that, I realized that I should have just kept walking. My little cousin Charlie had a habit of calling people "Piggy" and then spitting in their face. He also had a temptation to kick people. He kicked me in the leg and I sat him on the floor and told him not to kick me. Then he called me a piggy and spit in my face. That’s when I got mad. So I let him go, cleaned off the spit and walked away.

Then Charlie came and kicked me again. He was wearing cowboy boots so that really really hurt. Then I sat him on the floor again and I felt this strong aching on the back of my head. Someone had yanked my hair out. It hurt very badly.

So I let go of Charlie and found my cousin Yesenia - who is two years younger than me - with a bunch of hair in her hand. And I know my hair so I know it was her.

I got so angry and I told her to calm down because I didn’t want to do anything to her. I'm not a violent person so I don’t like to fight. But then to show off in front of her friend, she kicked my leg. I told her CALM DOWN!!!! But she didn’t listen and she pulled my hair again and she threw water at me from her water bottle that I bought for her.

Then she pulled my hair once again so I defended myself and I socked her in the stomach. She began to cry but she’s a very stubborn girl so she socked me in the face. Then I socked her in the nose. And that’s when I knew that I had gotten into my first fistfight...with my cousin!!!

I fell to the floor somehow, and she fell to the floor because I pulled her leg to bring her down too. When she fell to the ground she started pulling my hair so I kicked her leg and I yelled at her to stop but she refused. So I socked her in the stomach once more and she released my hair.

Then I stood up and I said, “Don’t you dare touch me one more time because I do not want to do that to you once more.” And she stood up and walked away.

That’s an unforgettable moment for both of us and I never want to return.