Got Roaches?
by Marisol Méndez

This is the story of one little four-year-old boy named Polinar. He had been pondering about a way to get rid of all the cockroaches in his house. So he pondered and pondered about a way to get rid of all the cockroaches in his house. This happened in a small town in Nayarit, Mexico. This family wasn’t wealthy but they had a decent home with a farm full of fruitful animals.

Every morning the parents of this family would go out and work in the fields and do various chores. They used to leave the house and the kids in the house because the children will attend school and some will go to work with the parents. Since this kid was only four years old, he stayed home and did different house chores.

One day he decided that he was tired of all the cockroaches and so he decided that he will use fire as his extinguisher. He proceeded with his plan and the day after first thing in the morning he will burn all the cockroaches.

The next morning there he was, lighting up the match which will end all the epidemic of cockroaches. The whole farm was burned down by the fire and the flames. The whole farm was consumed into ashes. All the animals were dead and the crops were all burned down.