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School does a job no other institution does. It cannot afford to fail. Failure of school has inevitable consequences for the whole child — his education, his character and his life. Failure of school has dire consequences for the whole society. Founders Academy helps teenagers succeed in school.

When no other exists, school must provide a world where exercises which build cognitive and character essentials may be safely practiced. School must facilitate constant, guided challenge, bouts with failure and eventual success. Founders Academy helps teenagers succeed in school.

Founders Academy believes that education is both an entitlement and an obligation of all citizens. This school strives to be a place where the optimum human condition is identified, modeled and embraced by all. This school seeks to fulfill its commitment to the education, character and life of each student and his family.

Founders Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing educational opportunities to the older children of families affected by substance abuse. Founders Academy is also a working think tank, a professional development institute dedicated to recruiting and training qualified individuals to effect positive change in underserved communities.
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